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About Registration
Intercode Payroll's employer files contain software-based activation technology. This means that employer files must be registered using a license key before they can be used for commercial purposes.

After installing Intercode Payroll on your computer, each new employer file that is created will initially be unregistered. Unregistered employer files can be used for a period of up to thirty days, after which the employer file must be registered.

To register an employer file you will need to supply your account number and the registration name of your choice. Your account number is the number that was allocated to you when you purchased the employer file license. If you do not yet have an account number (or have not yet purchased a license) you should first purchase a license before you continue.
Select Registration Type
I am an existing customer - I want to register additional files.
I am a new (unregistered) customer - I want to register my first file.